Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wall of Fame

  • Anonymous (6): You know who you are. The Anonymous people in my life have also been some of the most supportive people I've ever known. From childhood friends, to college friends, to Cincinnati friends and more! You've went bowling with me, planned fundraisers with me, laughed and cried with me. One of you is the love of my life. One of you is my Mom. Thank you, all of you.
  • Laura Wagner: Laura is awesome. She manages to put together a hectic life that seems impossible, and at LEAST when I've seen her, she makes it look easy :P Always so insightful and supportive. How does she do it all? Must be...magic. Thanks so much Laura!
  • Kirstie Mattheis: Kirstie has helped me in so many ways, all the way from California! She has been a great influence and somebody I can talk to. She is super talented and I wish her all the luck with her filmmaking dreams! Thank you Kirstie!
  • Clarissa Carbonell: Mom! At least at Binghamton. Clarissa was a great PAL in Philippine American League, and caring person. She is a role model, and I'm lucky to be her son. Thank you Clarissa!
  • Amy Cubbage: Once, I only knew her as the engaging student leader I shared stories with at the Food Co-op. Now-she's off to the world of nonprofits and weirdness called Eugene, Oregon and I'm thrilled to hear about every step of the way! Sometimes, there are people whose paths you cross and, despite distance, are fortunate enough to grow as friends through your similar life aims. Thank you Amy!
  • Bacha Sharma: The children of my Aty. They are some of my newer cousins, and have a very warm family. I'm looking forward to growing up with them. Thank you Bacha Sharma!
  • Meng Zhu: An awesome friend! One of the student leaders I am so fortunate to know, she was a welcoming presence in student org's that I wouldn't normally consider coming to (Women In Business? Hey! What's this meeting about?), and an inspiring person. She connected me to great opportunities on and off campus--yay Indian food! Thanks Meng!

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