Monday, August 19, 2013

From the Imagine Scholar blog: Another Student poem published!

Reading this gets me even more excited to meet these students! Check it out:
It has not been easy to keep track of all the student achievements in the past several months. Twelfth grader Zodwa had her poem “The Black Nation” selected by not one, but two, publications (read it here – Tenth grader Christina’s poem “I Am From” was printed alongside Zodwa’s. Tenth grader Ncamiso and eleventh grader Jabulane constructed an electric vehicle and won a racing challenge in the nearby city of Nelspruit. The most recent success came from ninth grader Siphila. His poem, entitled “What if we could not read…”, was published in the South African Sugar Journal.
Not only did Siphila accomplish a feat few others have at his age, but he went an extra step by offering to present his poem at the annual Rally to Read. The event was hosted by the Rally to Read Programme, a local organization that began in 1998 to promote student literacy in rural schools and motivate greater educator involvement. Since its inception it has invested millions to realize its goal. This year’s Rally to Read began early in the morning with hundreds of students piling in to collect books, shoes, sporting equipment, stationary and other items that their schools desperately need. It was here Siphila had the courage to stand up as a representative of his secondary school and share his poem. He didn’t just do his school proud, but Imagine Scholar as well.
What awesome perspective and drive! I think a great future awaits :)

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