Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Donors: Please be a part of our amazing family. Here's what you will receive:

--All donors will receive a heartfelt “thank you!” message, and can see my pictures and progress updates on my blog throughout the '13-'14 year!
--donors of $10 or more will also get a spot on my blog's “Wall of Fame"
--In the past, donors of over a certain amount have also received a poem, or something else personally written by an Imagine Scholar!
--Finally—for donors who would like to REALLY know an Imagine Scholar student inside and out—donors of $1,200 are invited to become student sponsors. They can communicate online with an amazing student, like Promise or Zodwa, and see their work and successes each month. Email me at if interested! Extra bonus: Your name will be LASER-ENGRAVED in my mind. For-ever...for-ever...ever...(note: name-removal is extra)

Thank you so much for your help! This journey would not be possible without YOU :D

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