Friday, September 6, 2013

Arrived in Africa!

 I have my first class tomorrow but I'm excited to share a little of what I've seen! Here goes:
 There was a HUGE backup of traffic due to highway construction. We were eventually re-directed through a back road.
 The car luggage was HUGE too! Here I am squeezing in between luggage&groceries from 3 people!'s Imagine Scholar! I am so looking forward to making things happen in these walls. I have my dormitory in the building, just to the left. The kitchen is on display, definitely going to be making great use of that :D
...Imagining Imagine Scholar. Need I say anything else?

Thanks everyone for reading! I'm super pumped for my first class, which is tomorrow (Saturday). We'll be beginning our Spoken Word poetry unit, how exciting :D

Special earth shattering announcement!! The More Than Me Girl's Academy grand opening is happening Saturday! It is then, that everyone--from parents of the girls, to the President of Liberia, to you and me--will be celebrating the immense achievements and dreams made possible for the 100 young girls of the West Point slum in Liberia. They were, in another's words, "forgotten by society," but today society will remember them again. And Lauren Decker, girlfriend-extraordinaire, will be in the whirlwind of it all--having coordinated the event, worked tirelessly for it, and now seeing it through! Six months ago, we talked about opening a school in Africa one day; now, she is doing it. Can you "imagine" what is possible when YOU dream? ;)