Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where is the water? A basic human right for Imagine Scholars

Water is the world's most precious resource. Yet for residents of the Nkomazi, it is also a potential threat. Much of the water available through tap or other sources is not made safe from disease and bacteria. Last year, the lack of clean drinking water was "a significant catalyst for service delivery protests" across the region. This is the situation that is motivating one of our Scholars to design and build a wind-powered water pump for his town (and I am VERY excited!). Imagine Scholar aims to support the next generation of African leaders, so we want them to be at their best in mind and body.

What I have found in my time with the Scholars is that the drinking water our program offers is a tremendous benefit. As much as any workplace anywhere, the water cooler is a popular spot because--not only does it rejuvenate them from the heat outside--it is a prerequisite for the thinking needed here! Picture taking the SAT (or ACT) without a drink, or even much to drink beforehand.

The cost of this necessity is about $60 a month, or $2 a day. This provides for 35 Scholars. I want to have a lasting impact, and am aiming to cover the next 6 months of our water supply--that I also drink from--with your help! If 18 people donate $20, that will ENTIRELY cover our needs! Last but not least(!), over the next 7 days, in appreciation, I'll post a new water-related activity on my Facebook, ending with me dressed as The Waterboy for Halloween :D

Where is the water? Water is here, let's keep it here!

One more thing--I've finally adjusted to the rhythm of life and work here, and have so much to say since my last post. Look forward to a much more active blog in the next month :)


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